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Space Center Houston Tour



About Space Center Houston


Houston, Texas is Space City, USA and Space Center Houston is America’s gateway to the universe!


As the Official Visitor Center for NASA’s Johnson Space Center, Space Center Houston is the only place on Earth that gives guests an out-of-this-world journey through human adventures in space.  Since 1992, this $75 million, 180,000 square foot, ‘edu-tainment’ complex has entertained and informed over 11 million star-struck guests from every corner of the globe.



Ongoing Attractions, Exhibits and Tours


Explorer, a full-scale space shuttle replica that for years had been on display at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, finally completed its journey to Space Center Houston where it will remain permanently. A fully interactive exhibit where visitors will have the opportunity to go on board and experience a real shuttle!








Starship Gallery:

The journey into space begins with the film "On Human Destiny" at the Destiny Theater. Artifacts and hardware on display in the Starship Gallery trace the progression of America's Manned Space Flight. This incredible collection includes: an original model of the Goddard Rocket; the actual Mercury Atlas 9 "Faith 7" capsule flown by Gordon Cooper; the Gemini V Spacecraft piloted by Pete Conrad and Gordon Cooper; a Lunar Roving Vehicle Trainer, the Apollo 17 Command Module, the giant Skylab Trainer, and the Apollo-Soyuz Trainer.





The NASA Tram Tour:

A 90-minute journey behind-the-scenes at Johnson Space Center includes stops at several NASA facilities including Mission Control and Rocket Park.








The Saturn V Experience at Space Center Houston

How do you get humans into space? That was a question that pondered scientists for centuries. Saturn V, the world’s largest, most powerful rocket ever built and operated became the answer to that question and safely took astronauts into space and the moon before retiring. Visit the restored Saturn V Rocket in its state of the art complex.






“Blast Off”:

One of our newest permanent attractions, “Blast Off” is an unparalleled multi-media sensory experience. Visitors thrill to a dramatic high-definition video, audio extravaganza culminating in an ultra-dramatic Space Shuttle Blast Off!


Giant Screen Theater:

Texas’ largest giant screen theater showing the breathtaking space-themed films: Space Shuttle:  Launching our Dreams and The International Space Station:  The first 10 years.  The next 10 years.



“Living in Space”:

A hands-on exhibit where guests can test their skills at landing the shuttle or retrieving a satellite through interactive computer simulators. A Mission Briefing Officer gets help from an audience participant in a live presentation showing how astronauts handle daily activities – like showering, sleeping, and preparing meals in space.






The Astronaut Gallery:

This unparalleled exhibit features spacesuits dating back to the first American trip to space and a wall that contains portraits and crew photos of every U.S. astronaut who has flown in space.








“Mission Status”:

Mission Briefing Officers provide live updates on current space flights and astronaut training activities. Guests can listen to communications between Mission Control and astronaut crews aboard the space shuttle. A live video shows a behind-the-scenes view of activities in the Johnson Space Center and a satellite link of a shuttle launch via Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Free 3D Flash Gallery
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